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Styling your video calls

Working from home can be very nice, comfortable, you wake up and voilà you are at the office! coffee and ready to rock. But it's easy to get into a rut of staying in pyjamas all day, endangering losing your identity, your fashion sense! But since we might have to still see people through Zoom or video conference, it gives us the chance to explore a whole new level of styling: only from the waist up! Keep your comfy leggings or pyjama bottoms, but dress up that upper body! Go crazy on accessories, experiment with colours, wear those massive earrings that are too heavy to wear for a full day at the office, the video camera is your stage! 1. If you have to still be classy Do you work in a very serious environment? Let them know that you still mean business even while you are wearing your furry socks and running leggings, they don't need to know that!

You can wear:

2. When you and probably your colleagues need a mood boost!

Nothing better than colour to lift up those spirits during another gloomy day of lockdown. Clash some colours to show them you care.

Wear any of these colour combinations:

Yellow + pink

Blue + orange

Green + lilac

3. Start dreaming of Summer holidays

Were you supposed to be on an exotic holiday but the damn corona has cancelled your plans? Wear your beach inspired look to your next video call hang-out.

You can wear:

4. The drinks after work outfit

Show off your styling skills to your colleagues when they see that you dress up for you and you only, who cares if they can only see a small part of your look? Look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy the view!

Sequins tops to wear:

Why not take this time that we are all spending so much time at home to book an online consultation with me? I can help you rediscover your style, sort out your wardrobe, fall in love with your clothes again. Let's chat!

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